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Sambo Bevel Gears

Sambo bevel gears are manufactured for multi-turn applications on rising stem valves including wedge gate and globe valves, sluice gates, and through conduit valves. Their unique spiral machining design on the spiral and pinion gears offer greater efficiency by increasing teeth engagement.

Bevel Gear Features:

  • Completely O-Ring sealed suitable for temporary submergence to meet IP-67 Class

  • Input bevel gear is fully supported on deep groove ball bearings

  • Unique top entry replaceable stem nut

  • Housing and base are Ductile Iron, Class 65-45-12 with a tensile strength of 65,000 psi

  • Rated to 2.5 MM lb-F

  • Provides an excellent radial support


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Bevel Gear Brochure 

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