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Degrees of Service

We use the latest procedures to properly repair, modify, re-manufacture and test all sizes of Gate, Globe, Control and Safety Relief Valves. 


We dispatch highly trained techni-cians with a fleet of custom mobile equipment vehicles, able to transport all the necessary specialized tools for on-site repair


Each valve that is received for repair is assigned a Shop Order Number. Once assigned the number, that identification stays with the repair throughout the entire Quality Assurance Program. After the repair is completed, written documentation of the repair is provided to the customer.


Using our state-of-the-art assets management system (SWAN) we provide each client with a personal login in which you and AG can accurately track all testing, repairs and replacements, resulting in the highest level of client transparency. 


AG can perform repairs and testing on all sizes of gate, globe, check, control, and safety relief valves. AG can provide emergency valve repair service 24/7 to get you back to full operation. We also have the ability to perform on-site scheduled services, both during forced and scheduled maintenance outages


We use the latest procedures to properly repair, modify, re-manufacture all types of actuators to complete refurbishment to OEM Specifications.


AG is available 24/7 365 to serve our customers. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and take all  measures to ensure that safety, quality, and integrity are evident in all our work and are above industry standards, with documentation to substantiate.

• Multi-turn and quarter-turn electric and pneumatic valve/damper actuators
•  On/off, modulating, positioning, digital control and AWWA waterworks
•  Manual worm gear and bevel gear operators
•  On site repair of parts/actuators
•  Component Obsolesce Solutions
•  Rapid sourcing of Actuator Parts
•  In house fabrication and machining of adaption and transmission hardware stem nuts, gate stems and stem blocks
• Complete refurbishment to OEM specifications
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